About German Motors

In 1962 Rudy came to the U.S. to train mechanics for the local V.W. dealership. Married in 1963 to Rita Robinson (his wife of 48 years). He wanted to see more of the U.S. so he took a job offer in Merced California. Driving out Route 66 in a 1960 V.W. Beetle with his toolbox decided to move back to upper East Tennessee. In 1967 he opened his own business, a full service Full station on Stone Drive. Wanting to expand the auto service center he moved to Lynn Garden Drive in 1970 and opened Weiberg’s Foreign Auto Repair and Machine Shop. In 1971 he was awarded his citizenship by the United States of America. In 1983 he moved to Memorial Blvd and opened German Motors, then expanded the business with Konnarock Tire Company under the co-ownership of his son Randy Weiberg. Due to the growth demands in the repair and service business they expanded the service facilities on Konnarock Road in 1999 and moved German Motors to its current location.

Over the years Rudy has trained numerous mechanics in the area. He is a leader in the auto mechanics field in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.

Family Owned and Operated.

Patriarch – Rudy Weiberg, Co-Owner
Son – Randy Weiberg, Co-Owner
Derek Norman-Master Technician
Dennis Alverson, Master Technician

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